Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Changes Under The Red Umbrella

For as long as I've lived here, the house next door has been empty.
(See 'My Neighbor's Manihot') At first it was an empty OLD house, with a wild, overgrown garden that poured over the fence. Then it became an empty NEW house; remodeled and expanded from top to bottom, just in time for the housing slump. During the remodel the garden was cleared, a rather shocking change.

But look how some of my neighbor's plants returned to help. Slender Manihots, from seeds her trees flung into my garden. Vigorous (but firmly contained) running Bamboo along the walk, and a sturdy Fig tree (that actually crawled under the fence) sheltering the Red Umbrella corner. I like that her garden continues in mine, and hope someone thinks as generously about MY bamboo one day!

But other changes are afoot under the Red Umbrella. Everything looks normal, right? Look closer and you can see a whole lot of daylight coming through that fence, because the large shed on the other side was removed by the (drumroll) New Neighbors (who moved in while I was out of town recently-surprise!)

3/4" spaces between the boards, and some very large knotholes are making my formerly uber-private little nook feel a little exposed. I mean, I can see their STUFF over there!

Gaining visual privacy won't be difficult. The Boston Ivy is on its way, and I've got some fun ideas for the fence. What I wonder is, how will they be using THEIR corner? Will it be a patio, a vegetable garden, a hot tub? A children's play area? A meditation garden?

It will be interesting to see what happens. I've been fortunate to have such a quiet, private spot for years; now it's time for things to be different. With every change comes opportunity.

Maybe I can interest them in a nice shrubbery!


  1. You should tell them you require a shrubbery. Ha laughing at the Monty Python reference.

    It does somehow seem so much more exposed when you can see through those boards! Although hopefully the rain we're due next week will swell the boards some and the lines will be less noticeable. I hope.

  2. One that looks nice. And not too expensive.

    I'm going to remove the planks in this section and re-attach them alternating with 1x1 strips (got a whole stack of them) which will make a tight fence with a little interest. Might stain it a color, but that's getting ahead of myself!

  3. HI: John was here again.
    Have a nice day,

  4. I'm not a fence lover, but I don't like it when something next door intrudes visually on my garden--providing a backdrop that I may not welcome. A shrubbery!

  5. You are SUCH a generous soul, Dear One! I would be ranting and there would be a cloud of doom over my scowling forehead, because I would be CONVINCED that the certainly EVIL New Neighbors were planning on building a football stadium complete with huge floodlights right over the fence.
    Your way is better, the Path of Peace. I recently started doing yoga. maybe my mean amphibian brain will soften and I will see the best intentions in my fellow man.
    But until then, I will adopt your views and hope that they do nothing to mess up the vibe under the peaceful Red Umbrella!

  6. It's so great to read Germi's comment - I'm the same way...I'd be secretly climbing over the fence at night to plant've got a great outlook on life - very peaceful and positive. This is the PERFECT opportunity to go over, introduce yourself, give them a tour of your fabulous garden and let them know you'd love to help them- free of charge- (perhaps not mentioning any 'hidden agenda')'s worked for me lots of times! hee hee....