Monday, December 7, 2009

After The Rain, Before The Freeze.

I went prowling in the garden today, to see what last night's heavy rain and cold temperatures had wrought. We haven't had a good rain in several weeks, so it was nice to see everything washed off, even nicer when the sun broke through the clouds and lit up this Euphorbia...

Every time I look at this Yucca variegata I know I need to move it. Pretty as it is, those sharp points next to the path leading to the front door are not friendly, and probably not good feng shui either. I wish I could transplant with my eyes...

Our native Toyon (Heteromeles arbutifolia) has the Best. Red. Berries. Ever. In simpler times, when I lived in the woods near the ocean, I would use them for wreaths; they ripen perfectly between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and last a long time when cut.

Aren't Aeoniums the biggest divas? Can't you just imagine her as an opera singer in full aria? She's one of the plants I need to protect tonight; with snow on the hills this morning and a valley freeze predicted, she's one of the vulnerable ones. The diva shall soon be going undercover.

My burgeoning Meyer lemon will be fine; it's snuggled against the south-facing wall of my house. There might be some leaf burn, but the fruit should be good on the tree all winter. It's one of my favorite holiday decorations, sitting there all perky by the front door!

A single volunteer Sweet Pea, sprouted from the spot where last years vines lay after cutting; how nice to see a fresh new face!

The last of the red-hot Romas. I actually didn't use many of them this year; they were planted with the idea of cooking, and cooking didn't happen. Bet these green ones would make a great green tomato relish. Which brings up that no-cooking thing again...oh well!

The leaves of a Southern Highbush Blueberry, I think this one is Misty. If it doesn't get too cold they'll stay on the bush all winter; so pretty with the color of the house.

Must remember to bring this exposed succulent under cover tonight (yeah, yeah, and the table mat too). I have a tendency to leave the cake out in the rain, sometimes.


  1. Oh, thank you for the lovely walk around your garden today! My lemon tree will not be as forgiving as yours, I'm sure. Lucky you. And I'd be exactly the same about that pointy plant next to the pathway. Fretting over points. Ha! Yep. We're sisters. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm sneaking into your garden the next time I'm in San Jose to steal some lemons! I've only have one so far and I waited forever to pick it because it was such a treasure.

    Your photos (as always) are beautiful. Did you see Town Mouse and Country Mouse's recent post on Toyon? They love it just like you do, bless their California native loving hearts!

  3. Wonderful photos and advice. I am not moving swiftly enough to save them in my garden.
    Just Pathetic in Sadsack

  4. I can smell & taste your Meyers....I have 2 Eurekas that were here when we moved in. Wish I had room for a Meyer....Nice photos....cold here too.

  5. I'm jealous that your Aeonium fared so well in the rain. My divas had their leaves ripped off. One of them was a plant I have been babying for several years and was large and branched. It had beautiful variegated "leaves" with flecks of red. I am so bummed that I didn't do a good enough job of protecting it.