Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bloom Day - June 2010

Whew, I'm late with my post this month, I usually do them the day before. But this is a true Garden Bloggers Bloom day: pictures taken this morning in this order! New this month is Nigella hispanica 'Curiosity' from Annie's Annuals which just started blooming last week. What a charming plant! I love how the flower color deepens over time, and the growing seed capsule spreads out and turns all twisty and black...charming and kind of creepy too!

The dwarf pomegranates have become sturdy little bushes; hopefully I'll get some fruits this year; they aren't good eating but they look cool!

I can never resist taking a peek at the collection of roses my neighbor has growing next to our driveway fence; they are a consolidation of the best from the previous owner's gardens, front and back, all in one place. This tiny single yellow is a particular favorite.

The volunteer Spanish Lavender is soldiering on; it's interesting to see the color variation among seedlings; some quite purple and some this pretty pinkish lavender. I'll be welcoming this anywhere it cares to appear!

Salvia gregii 'Caviar' is settling in out front, singing its siren song to hummingbirds everywhere.

From small round shoots a year ago, even the smallest Echeverias are flowering now.

Oh, this Moroccan Poppy was made to be photographed in early morning light. (Literally, on warm days the blooms sometimes last only a few hours!) I'd like to introduce this lovely to the lavender boys in the park strip, she has the same low-water needs, and would complement them nicely (that is, if you like orange and purple, which I do!)

Fragrant Frosty Pelargonium; what a winner. The flowers are small, but those crazy pink calyces are SO cute, and the fresh lemon-rose fragrance that exudes from every part of this plant is absolutely delightful.

Plus, Frosty even has a resident Mantis! Which is appropriate, since Miss Mantis 2009 laid her eggs here last fall. MantisOne is about an inch long now, and will probably live her entire life on this bush. I like this about Mantids; if they find a good spot they stay, rather than flitting around from here to there. They become part of the family over a long season. And we have a bigger family this year!

MantisTwo hangs out in the Pittosporum near the fountain; I need to clue her in that flowers are probably where it's at for the really tasty dining.

MantisThree lives in the Carex testacea near the front porch. Nice color matching, eh? These are actually mantis nymphs, as they don't have wings yet. Those are a few molts away.

Back to the flowers, in the back! Fuchsias are still doing their spinning ballerina thing.

Nicotiana sylvestris is already taller than I am and churning out the flora. The lovely lily-like fragrance of this species is very different from N. alata, but like its cousin, Syl is only fragrant at night or early in the morning (like when I was taking this picture!)

And speak of the devil, there's cousin Alata now! Playing very nicely with the 'Moonlight' Nasturtiums.

And then there's Nicotiana 'Lime Green' who looks like that cousin who's always getting into trouble! (Also from Annie's Annuals.)

The 'Pure Perfume' roses are looking exceptionally bridal just now, don't you think?

And yes, I'm still letting the pink Carpet Rose climb the Lilac. They're OK, no one is crying yet.

Here's what MY dreams smell like these days...

The purple Echeveria in the courtyard is putting out these almost kinetic flowers, you can almost hear them peeping...

Whoa, here's that Moroccan Poppy again, this time from the back. What a dazzler!

And speaking of dazzlers, it happened again! I was shooting these new Arbutus 'Marina' blooms when I had a little visitor! (Click on the picture to see closer).

Thanks for visiting my flowery garden today. And thanks, as always, to Carol from May Dreams Gardens for being the heart of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Visit her site for links to Bloom Day posts from all over the world.

"We can have flowers nearly every month of the year."
Elizabeth Lawrence


  1. Laura, Love your garden blooms, and all your garden visitors. That hummer shot is wonderful.

  2. Whoa!!! The hummingbird in action shot is amazing! Beautiful blooms too :)

  3. Great photos and commentary Laura! Your blooms are all gorgeous and the three Mantis shots just pushed things right over the top!

  4. Thanks, everyone...love my garden visitors! This morning I discovered MantisFour and MantisFive! I hope this garden is big enough for all of them, or there's going to be trouble!

  5. The Nigella is pretty suh-weet! And, I LOVE the lime-green nicotiana!

  6. Your very own mantises! I would never get any work done; I'd just be watching them all the time. That green Nicotiana is amazing. I've never seen anything like that before!

  7. Fantastic photos. Amazing details. I am looking forward to following you here and on Twitter. Thanks for finding my Twitter feed, as well!

  8. Hi Laura: Its been a while since we visited your gardens, we have enjoyed our visit today.
    The Hummingbird Shot is great.

    Enjoy your gardens,
    Liza and Johns Garden

  9. Would I love to have those mantis in my garden. I tried them once. They were all eaten by the lizards in the garden before their little feet even hit the ground...major disappointment!