Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Santa Fe Chronicles - Prelude

Going to Santa Fe soon. I am so ready. My sister lives there;
this will be our second long visit this year. Nice.

Monsoon has started. I've been guaranteed
several spectacular thunderstorms.

I'm going just before tourist season peaks, and will be
experiencing yet another aspect of Santa Fe life.

Time slows in New Mexico, in a good way. There's room
between things; cars on the road, houses on the land.

photo by Lisa Livengood Taft


  1. Have a WONDERFUL time in Santa Fe, Sweet Laura! I've never been, and I understand it is lovely - others have told me about the wonderful time-warp you enter when there. FUN! Who couldn't use a serious slow down in the pace of life right now?
    Best of luck on the garden, and I can't wait to see/read all about it!

  2. Always wanted to go there. Convenient to have your sister live in such a great place! Have a great time, and look forward to seeing pix of your visit.

  3. Sounds lovely. We'll be expecting a blog post stuffed with photos when you return!