Sunday, February 28, 2010

Roll On March...

Only new stuff today...nary a Cerinthe, Loropetalum or Succulent in sight (or at least in focus). A rainy week has given way to a pristine, sunny Sunday; 70 degrees with a blue sky and a few new things blooming.
~click pictures to enlarge~

Like this plum tree in front of my sweetheart's house: probably as perfect today as it will ever be, just that right balance of blossom, bud, leaf and bee. And it will decorate your car for free!

Next in line is Crabapple 'Prairie Fire' who will be a bit of a teenager this year; can't wait to see how she's settled in with me.

The official First Poppy of the Year. She was taking her sweet time opening up, so I gave her some privacy and concentrated on the others for a bit... the purple-leafed sport on my Euphorbia 'Helena's Blush' (which I should probably remove) that is starting to bloom. I have to admit, this is one variety I prefer for the leaf, not the bloom, which isn't very graceful. Nice at this stage, though.

The Woolly Thyme is perking up; shot this close you can see how it gets its name...

Back to Miss Poppy, and there she is, still wet from the rain. There is no orange more gold than this. In case you don't know, she's Escholtzia californica, California Poppy, our state flower.

HummerWatch 2010 continues, not sure if we have hatchlings yet. Poor thing was quite thoroughly tossed around during our recent windy storms.

One last shot of spring for you. If perfect pink blooms against a bright blue sky don't cheer you up, hang in there; your own will be here soon!


  1. I can't wait until we get warm weather and blooms!

  2. I saw my first California Poppy today too. It was so orange my camera had a hard time processing the color.

  3. Now that's a gorgeous collection of spring blooms. The foliage of the Euphorbia is stunning. And I love the colour of the
    California poppy. Funny how seeing Woolly
    Thyme makes me perk right up. Soon, soon...

  4. I love it! A nice reminder that spring is on it's way... and the SF Flower & Garden Show, too!

  5. I love all of the spring flowers and foliage popping up. My favorite is the shot of the bird. The ones in my neighborhood are notoriously camera shy.

  6. The plum blossoms are beautiful. So nice to see some blooms as we are still stuck in ice and snow here in New England, thanks for the lovely photos.

  7. i have never seen a hummingbird in its nest - that is awesome. what type of plant is it in?

  8. I love that you're getting pics of the hummer on her nest. Can't wait to see chicks.

  9. @Fern, I'm glad I'm not the only one whose camera balks at certain colors; mine are pinks/magenta; could be because of the infrared auto focus?

    @Daricia, The hummingbird nest is in my bamboo (Bambusa oldhamii, giant clumping timber bamboo)

    @Pam, me either! I keep looking for little beaks.

  10. Great photos! I didn't take photos of my blossoming trees on Sunday and boy, was I sorry on Tuesday. Tripod weather.

    Still, what a fun mix of sunshine and rain!

  11. you have 2 of my favorites.. CA Poppies, and Euphoria./ Matti