Sunday, February 21, 2010

Countdown To Spring...

Spring is coming, can you feel it? All kinds of exciting things happening. Like my Loropetalum. She just gets prettier every day...

Mr. Lantana, however, not so much. He had to be cut back, hard (or he'll over-run the porch by summer). Poor guy. The upside is being able to see my Jade plant (which I've had for 12 years) and my Lemon tree (the only original plant in the garden, and a gem!)

First crop of artichokes (Green Globe) should be ready to harvest soon...

I really, really love the color of the fence; look how nice it is with the bronze fennel. I agonized over this...well, maybe not agonized; but certainly changed my mind a lot!

A little more up close and personal with the Grevillea. Interesting, huh?

A slightly calmer shot of the Daffodils (shooting on a cloudy day). I love the touch of Spanish Lavender.

Last week the Leucadendron had a tinge of red; since then it has transformed (again). I love a plant that is entertaining over a long season...

...although there's also something to be said for the brief but spectacular show-stoppers. The Hardenbergia is already past its prime, and soon will revert to a pretty but rather anonymous green vine until next February. I like plants that evoke a specific time of year, and value the early spring heralds most of all. Bring it on, March!


  1. Lovely Loropetalum - we had one in Louisiana, but not here. And I really must get a potted lemon.

  2. How much space are you giving your artichoke? Megan is growing one...and we are going to need to move it outside eventially (they are starting from seed). I just trying to estimate how much room will be needed (prefer little as possible...and still get a choke). Matti

  3. Hey Matti, Artichoke plants get pretty big (3'-4' across)and go through some pretty drastic ups and downs through the season; gorgeous right now!

  4. Beautiful shots, I especially love that Leucadendron and your gorgeous shot of the artichoke!

  5. What a treat it is to see what's blooming in your garden. The bronze fennel looks lovely against the fence (like the colour of it too). The Hardenbergia must be gorgeous to see in person.