Saturday, August 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - August 2009

I didn't think there was much blooming in my garden this morning, but I was wrong! Starting in the front, the Lantana by the porch is one of my most reliable & pest-free performers; it will bloom through November at least. Butterflies adore it. ~Click any photo to enlarge~

Coral 'Flower Carpet' Roses - I use these a lot in designs when pale pink just won't do. Great color for in front of the blue fence, and another one that will bloom through Autumn.

'Primrose Heron' Lamb's Ears, a new plant for me this year and I LOVE it. Grown for the unusual blue/yellow tinted foliage, it puts out few flower stalks, which is good. (I know I'm cheating, but who could say no to him with a butterfly?)

Limonium perezii, Sea Lavender. A tender perennial, and another mainstay. The actual flowers are the tiny little white guys; the purple bracts are straw-like and last for ages (like statice.)

OK, technically these are still buds, but they will be eaten before they bloom, so this is their only chance...Artichoke 'Green Globe' (I use these small side shoots mostly for the hearts).

Rudbeckia 'Indian Summer' is another new plant for me, and easily the star of the show. They can probably be seen by satellite. Grown from a jumbo sixpack planted 4 months ago, in bloom for 2 months, and showing no signs of stopping. I love how the blooms start small and just keep getting bigger and bigger. It makes an awesome cut flower.

Bronze Fennel...isn't this the coolest picture? A screen saver for sure;
I think it could hypnotize you!

Lantana again, and my favorite rose scented Geranium, 'Fragrant Frosty' which I bought in a 4" pot from Geraniaceae Nursery at the SF Flower and Garden Show in March. I love it because it's really compact and doesn't sprawl like some scented geraniums. Cuttings for sure!

Moving to the back garden; I usually pinch the flower buds out of Coleus before it has a chance to bloom, preferring the foliage, but as I'm particularly lazy about gardening this summer, I let it have its way. And it's kind of lovely!

Hybrid Fuchsia, I cannot recall the variety. Had a heck of a time getting this shot, I think my camera was blinded by the color too!

Begonia richmondiensis, Shrub Begonia. A really lovely plant; flowers like a typical wax begonia, but with a larger, more open form. Tender, gets knocked back to main stems in winter in zone 8. Long blooming, self-cleaning, perfect for a shady corner.

So pretty it gets two shots. Shrub Begonia grows well in pots too; this was transplanted from my courtyard this spring as a sad single stem. It has redeemed itself! ~click photo to see bloom detail~

Shrub Rose 'Pure Perfume' and an unplanned visitor (love them, and since I read Mr. Brown Thumb's blog, I know this is a fly, not a bee!) This is a lovely, low-maintenance rose with a very distinct, sweet grapefruit fragrance.

The last of the Star Jasmine

I introduced 'Moonlight' Nasturtiums into the back garden this year; they will be with me forevermore!

In the herb garden, Marjoram growing up through the Sage.

Salvia guaranitica 'Black & Blue' got enormous this year; it is a particular favorite of bees and hummers.

Signs of fall; there will be Pomegranates this year!

And Apples (this from my six-variety espalier, I believe these are Granny Smith)

And here are the tomatoes (Big Beef) to remind me that it's still summer. Thanks for visiting the garden, and to Carol from May Dreams Gardens for the idea of 'Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!'


  1. Looks like you have lots blooming. Nice bee photo! Very nice photos. Helen @ Gardening With Confidence

  2. I enjoyed your blooms pictures, but it was the perfect apples and tomatoes that got my mouth watering. Thanks for sharing. Cheers/Yvonne

  3. I very much enjoyed seeing those beautiful plants that have grown in (and on you!) since June.

  4. What beautiful flowers! I'm intrigued by the Limonium. And I don't think I've ever seen an artichoke actually growing before. Oops, is my Zone 5 showing? :P Thanks for sharing!

  5. Lots of Lovelies there on Bloom Day.

  6. Red tomatoes? I thought they stopped making those!
    This summer in our neck o'th'woods, anyway.

    'Moonlight' nasturtiums and the stunning blue salvia. Mmmmmm.

  7. Great fennel - would look lovely in a bouquet as well.

  8. That sea lavender is so beautiful. I love the color.

  9. Beautiful flowers and fruits. Leads me to wonder: is there a gestalt? You got me curious to see your garden!

  10. That pink rose with the blue fence is *sweet*. I also have Rudbeckia (R. triloba) in my garden for the first time this year. I grew them from seed; they're just about to bloom.

    (Come up to SF and see my garden any time. Just be forewarned that it's very, very tiny and the gardener is insane, and a novice.)

  11. So many beautiful things. Pomegranets in your garden! And artichokes. Two of my favourite things. Fantastic.

    I do like the flowers on coleus, they can be lovely too.

    The tomatoes and the apples are gorgeous/perfect.

  12. Nice collection of flowers you got blooming here. You've reminded me that I need to get some fuchsia and lantana at the clearance sales to overwinter. I've already got an awesome orange Coleus but I have to get those two.

    Thanks for the link to the post on those flies that look like bees. Glad you found it useful.

  13. Found your blog over at May Dreams... great blooms and portraits! Love seeing Pomegranates growing! A first for me. I am drooling over your artichokes too.

  14. Boy, and I was almost not going to include the pomegranates and artichokes (not really blooms) but I'm glad I did! Reminds me of a conference I went to a few years back in southern California; apart from all the succulents, the cold-winter gardeners were most impressed by being able to sit under an avocado tree! Glad you enjoyed seeing these lovelies in action; I'm particularly excited at the pom, last year I only got one fruit, this year many!

  15. Vert pretty! I need to grow more flowers! You have done a beautiful job on your garden.(4bratz2luv)

  16. Lovely! Never seen artichokes actually growing, just seen them go from plate to mouth:)