Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Water in the Garden

The other day, while working on my new garden gate, we needed to unplug the overflowing pot fountain that has been cheerfully bubbling away in the center of my front garden for a couple of months now. The difference in the space was immediate and palpable, like a desert when the oasis dries up. This got me to thinking about how much I cherish the sight and sound of water in the garden.

Whether it is simply filling a glazed pot with water and placing a small pump at the bottom, to gently burble away in a leafy courtyard, or building a more ambitious overflowing pot or rocky cascade, adding a bit of water to your garden can make a big difference. One caveat: as lovely as an overflowing pot fountain looks tucked into your flower beds, you must be careful not to let anything touch the sides...water can wick away surprisingly quickly, leaving your fountain gasping, not burbling. Another plus...wildlife of all kinds will find it almost immediately!

Do you have a corner that seems a little dry and lifeless? Just add water!


  1. Now, is the cat in your photo what you mean by wildlife? Or is she just enjoying a cool beverage while waiting for the wildlife to make an appearance?