Monday, November 9, 2009

Macro Monday 11-09-09

Welcome to 'Macro Monday' on InterLeafings; I hope you enjoy getting up-close and personal with some of my favorite November garden stars, like this cyclamen.

Succulents are fabulous, but lavender succulents? Ooh-la-la!

I love the subtle colors of this variegated English Ivy.

And the not-so-subtle colors of Japanese Maple!

This dwarf tree fern might hypnotize you if you stare at it too long!

The last of the Jalapenos...

Fatsia japonica flowers; boy do the bees and hummers like these!

Still some life in the old coleus yet!

I've had this cultivar of Mother Fern for years, so lovely...

Arbutus 'Marina' has the nicest little lily-of-the-valley flowers, hummers love these too!

Cool nights are bringing out the hot colors in my Leucadendron 'Wilson's Wonder'

Just as nice are the subtle colors of purple sage...

The Diascia is STILL singing away...

And the Loropetalum is humming right along. Thanks for taking a closer look with me!


  1. Super gorgeous photos! Very inspiring...awesome blog! Glad I found it!

  2. Great macro shots. I love the Lorapetalum and the lighting on the Leucadendron is fantastic. And in all these years, I don't think I've ever noticed the flowers on the Fatsia. Amazing what one sees when they stop to really look.

  3. Great shots, lovely colors. Must've been the theme of the day. I was out getting some macro shots too this AM, havn't posted yet though!

  4. Thanks everyone; I love macro shots, they let me selectively focus on the small beauties, even if the rest of the garden is looking a little past its prime! It amazes me how much more I can see when I look at the photos; my vision isn't that good, so I've never really seen how a Loropetalum flower is put together (although the pic does clarify why it's called 'Fringe Flower!)

  5. Gorgeous photographs Laura. The Arbutus is so beautiful.

  6. marvelous macro shots! thanks for sharing!

  7. Do hummingbirds visit your California fuchsia? I get dive bombed whenever I try and go near mine. The little hummers seem to really love that plant!